DIY presentation clicker

I think it is very cool that with a board like the Arduino it is easy to make your own USB input devices that speak the regular HID protocol and therefore work with any modern computer (and even some phones and tablets) without any additional software or drivers. For example I made this emergency mute button that I still think is a very practical device. But making Bluetooth input devices used to be somewhat harder, until Adafruit released their Bluefruit EZ-Key. Its purpose is making it easy to create devices that work as Bluetooth keyboards and mice. And in the simplest cases, it doesn't even require a separate microcontroller. I got one and to test it I made this presentation clicker:

It has two buttons that are connected directly to Bluefruit's pins 2 and 3 that correspond to left/right arrow keys by default:

And then it's enough to provide power (I used a coin cell battery) and pair it with your computer. The form factor is reasonable so I could even imagine using it in real life:

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