Automatic page turner

Reading books is hard enough as it is. They're often long, boring and some don't even have any pictures in them. I decided to at least eliminate the physical effort of turning pages and constructed this little device:

At the moment it's not entirely automatic as I'm still controlling the individual motors manually (via Bluetooth from my phone, which is off-screen, because I'm also using it to shoot the video). The setup requires some tweaking for the exact size of the book and probably only works for a certain range of pages in the middle of the book. It also still sometimes grabs more than one page. But hey, it's a start. There's obviously room for improvement, for example it would be nice to be able to turn the pages in both directions. (Update: Here's an updated version that does that.)


  1. this is great! What materials did you use?

  2. Great idea. How can I get hold of one of these and how much do they cost?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I also want to have your technical details cos i want to build one for a disable girl, and kindly drop detalis on what material set, how to build and programme in details as well, cos am nothing in this sector